Modjaji Books

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submissions open on March 10th, 2020.

and will close on 30th April 2020.

You will need to submit a covering letter that contains a brief bio (especially that which is relevant to you as a writer) and a brief synopsis or description of your manuscript. 

You will also need to submit your whole manuscript. 

We accept the following kinds of manuscripts this year: 

  • Novels
  • Collections of short stories by a single author
  • Creative Non-fiction which can include memoir, letters, biography, and other kinds of non-fiction. 

This year we are not accepting Poetry submissions, we are still working on bringing out collections from the last time we called for submissions.

You can write to if you want to check whether or not we might be interested in the kind of manuscript you have written.

We do NOT accept individual short stories or individual chapters. It is in your best interests to have your manuscript as polished as possible. Do not send in a first draft.

Please note that Modjaji Books only publishes work by:

- women and people who identify as women

- only those who live in southern Africa, or who are originally from southern Africa

- or those whose work reflects a major relevance to southern Africa

Please note that we generally do not accept work that has been previously published or self-published in book form.

You should be familiar with our list and have read at least a couple of Modjaji titles relevant to the category that you are submitting in.

We charge a small submission fee to help us pay for the software and to defray costs of processing submissions.

Modjaji Books